Numismatic collection


The collection contains some 100,000 coins, 15,000 banknotes and emergency bills (‘Notgeld’) from the 1910s and 1920s, 20,000 medals, 5000 counters and jetons, more than 6000 seal matrices and coin dies, as well as tokens, counters, orders, badges of honour and antique engraved gems.

Main collection areas

The collection primarily focuses on German-speaking regions and ranges from the time of the Carolingians (8th and 9th century) to the present.

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Medal with the portrait of Albrecht Duerer
Matthes Gebel, Nuremberg, 1527

Seal stamp of the University of Mainz

Medal on occasion of the coronation of Joseph I. as Roman King

Cross of Honor of the Philippsorden


20 Taler bank bill

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