Adam Kraft. Stations of the Cross

22 March – 4 October 2018

presentation in the karthusian curch

Some of the most important works by Nuremberg artist Adam Kraft (ca. 1455/60 – 1509) are seven huge stone reliefs in the Kartäuserkirche. The scenes from the Passion of Christ were originally erected outdoors, beyond the Nuremberg city walls as milestones at a crossroads.

In the past three years, the works have been thoroughly examined and restored. In the information boards, the exhibition describes the restoration methods used and the new insights that have been gained.

One of the aims was to clean the scenes. The reliefs were extremely dirty and in some places the surface had turned blackish brown. In addition, some of the figures had parts missing, or bits had been added in different materials during earlier restoration work. In parallel, the initial examinations and restoration measures led to new research results. The small exhibition also looks at how works of art have been treated over the centuries.


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