Richard Riemerschmid. Furniture histories

21 June 2018 – 6 January 2019

Jugendstil artist Richard Riemerschmid wrote furniture history. It has been said that he became a self-taught furniture designer following a fruitless search for suitable furniture for his and his young wife’s home.

What was new and unusual was that in addition to pieces in clear, strong forms for the upper middle class, Riemerschmid also developed affordable furniture for the masses. Entire room furnishings were produced in the “Deutsche Werkstätten für Handwerkskunst” (German Handicraft Workshops) in Dresden-Hellerau according to his designs, which were largely based on automated production and the term “machine-made furniture” was coined. Richard Riemerschmid (1868-1957) is the third major Jugendstil artist, after Henry van de Velde and Peter Behrens, to whom the GNM is dedicating a furniture exhibition to mark his 150th birthday.

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