19th century

The all-encompassing collection was created after the Second World War. It addresses the radical change from an estates-based society to one of the middle class, highlighting the diversity of independent, middle-class perspectives. It outlines a framework of European development, and examines trends characteristic of a Germany that consisted of many individual states up until 1871. The subjects of Romantic Nationalism, the failed March Revolution and the founding of the German Reich represent stages in German's national history, to which the museum is strongly linked. The exhibition also focuses on objects from the rapidly-evolving art industry, which recall the dynamic of technical progress and the economic upswing of the middle class.

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Examples of objects

Amazonenschlacht (Zweite Fassung)
Anselm Feuerbach, 1870-1873

Hermenbüste Friedrich Schillers
Entwurf: Johann Heinrich Dannecker, 1805.Ausführung: Theodor Wagner, 1837

Die Wartburg bei Eisenach
Friedrich Preller d.Ä., 1845

Zimmerdenkmal Heinrich Heines
Theodor von Gosen, 1898

Porträt der Gräfin Fries mit ihren drei ältesten Kindern, Josef Abel, 1811

Elaborate carafe portraying the Master Singers of Nuremberg, model no. 2300,

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