Armed for Eternity. Nuremberg funerary hatchments of the Late Middle Ages

Presentation in the Kartaeuserkirche,
28 March 2019 – 6 January 2020

Funerary hatchments are commemorative panels for deceased male members of the nobility and gentry, and were hung in churches after their death. They depict the family coat of arms, and bear an inscription of the deceased’s name and date of death as well as frequently a well-intentioned blessing. It is not unusual for the intricately designed hatchments to reach a diameter of up to one metre. And a remarkable number of them have been preserved, particularly in the Nuremberg region. Usually hung high up on church walls, 10 selected works will now be shown for the first time at eye level in the Kartäuserkirche. This offers the visitor a rare opportunity to see the funerary hatchments up close.

The presentation is based on a multi-year research project and marks the start of the major special exhibition “Adventures in Research”, which opens on 27 June and will provide a comprehensive insight into research work and projects over the last 20 years at the GNM.  

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