Deutsches Kunstarchiv (German art archive)

The Deutsches Kunstarchiv is the largest archive of primary documentation relating to German art and culture with more than 1,390 items distributed on 2.8 kilometers of shelving.

The Holdings of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv 

The archive collects personal papers from painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers, architects, art historians, art dealers and art collectors.

The holdings are made accessible for research through catalogues. An inventory list offers an initial overview of the holdings of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv.

Inventory List of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv (PDF)

The online catalogue of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv facilitates access to the electronically input inventory data of the holdings that are available to date and do not need to be blocked because of copyright and/or protection of personality rights.

Online Catalogue

Inventory overviews of all natural persons are made available in the inventory database for personal papers of the Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv). They supply information about contents, duration, comprehensiveness and itemization.

The database Galerie Heinemann facilitates research on the business transactions of the gallery.

Database Galerie Heinemann online

The virtual exhibition “The faces of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv” has been developed to mark the 50th anniversary of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv.

Virtual exhibition "The faces of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv"

The Use of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv

As there is only a limited amount of space in the Study Room, we strongly advise you to register in advance in writing. If demand is high, non-registered users will unfortunately have to be turned away.

Bavarian Archival Law
User regulations (PDF)

Documents for the use of the archives

Orders for reproductions can only be processed if the completed and signed order form and, where applicable, reproduction approvals (e.g. copyright) are submitted. Depending on the volume of orders and the workload in our reproduction office, orders may take several weeks to process. We will make every effort to process orders as quickly as possible.

Usage rates (PDF)
Scan order (PDF)

Head of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv

per pro. Dr. Matthias Nuding


Petra Oaikhinan M.A. (data-mining)
Dr. Daniela Uher (data-mining)
Betti Roth  (Secretariat)
Melanie Haase (Reading Room / Depot)
Dr. Birgit Schwarz (Researchproject Diaries of Hans Posse)
Juliane Hamisch M.A. (Researchproject Diaries of Hans Posse)

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