Numismatic collection

The Numismatic Collection is one of the most important in Germany, especially in medals and seals.

The nucleus of the collection consists of items from the German-speaking regions, from the early middle ages to the present, with special emphasis on Nuremberg and Franconia.

The holdings consist of roughly 100,000 coins, 15,000 banknotes and emergency currency, 20,000 medals, 5,000 tokens and jetons, over 6,000 engraved seals and stamps as well as trade marks, counting tokens, medals and antique gems.

Deposits: Numismatic collection of the city of Nuremberg, numismatic collection of the Paul Wolfgang Merkel Family Foundation, several Nuremberg patrician collections.

Use of the numismatic collection

Only by appointment: Tel. +49 (0)911-1331 228 or  E-Mail.

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