September, 21th 2022 to July, 30th 2023

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The Exhibition

Since the end of the Second World War, people in democratically organised countries have lived at peace with each other. Peace granted them a high degree of prosperity and security. Russia's invasion of Ukraine in March 2022 has suddenly brought this stability into disarray. However, history teaches us that wars have been an almost self-evident part of everyday life in all phases of human history - just like the desire for lasting peace.

The collection of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum has numerous objects connected to war and peace. On the one hand, they show that rulers and "strong men" often glorified wars to secure their power or even to achieve "higher goals". However, they reveal with unsparing openness the inhuman cruelties and destruction of cultural identities associated with them. On the other hand, many objects express the wish for peace and non-violence and try to show ways to a better world.

With this series of exhibitions, we want to make visitors aware that only peace enables prosperity and cultural diversity, while war destroys both.

A cooperation with the Leibniz Institute of Contemporary History