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Object catalogue of the collections of the GNM

The object catalogue of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum faciliates the online access of at the moment ca. 75,000 object documents.

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Web-OPAC - Online public access catalogue of the library

The electronic catalogue records books and other media in the library of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum. It contains all titles acquired since march 2000 as well as titles from the older holdings recorded since then.
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Here you have access to publications of scientists of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum:

Recherche bei ART-Dok (Publication platform art history in german laguage
Recherche bei LeibnizOpen (Open-Access-Portal of Leibniz Gemeinschaft in german language)

KulturGut - About GNM's Research

Since 2004 the quarterly "KulturGut" has been published in German language. It contains illustrated articles about current research relating to the collections of the GNM. In addition, exhibits are explained which are displayed always for one month in the "Im Blickpunkt", a glass cabinet in the museums' info lounge.

Digital Version of the "KultuGut" (in german language)

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