Musical instrument computed tomography examination standard

 November 2014 till October 2017
Project Sponsorship: German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Joint research and standardisation

In the MUSICES project, the GNM (Germanisches National- museum) and the EZRT (Development Center for X-ray Technology) of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) are jointly developing a guideline for the three-dimensional x-ray computed tomography (3D-CT) of musical instruments. The project is funded by the German research association DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), and in it, the two project partners are for the first time drawing up examination standards that, independent of the deployed devices and operating staff, are set to produce useful results in the medium term beyond the field of musical instruments, not just for other cultural assets but for industry as well.

For more than 10 years, the EZRT has been researching and developing new x-ray examination methods in close collaboration with the Chair for X-ray Microscopy at the Julius Maximilian University, Würzburg. In industry, these methods are used in the area of material characterisation, process-integrated component inspection and non-destructive measuring technology, for example. At the EZRT site in Fürth, around 80 scientists and engineers are currently working in the fields of x-ray generation, x-ray sensor systems for radiation energies of between 10 and 10,000 keV, CT data capture and reconstruction, procedures for multispectral material analysis and the use of CT for metrological applications such as dimensional measuring as well as algorithms for the correction and evaluation of image data.

The MUSICES standard will define conditions for a scientifically relevant and practical imaging of musical instruments. Representative examples carried out during the project will ensure the applicability of the technical parameters. An international team of experts is advising the project team in their investigations. To this end, the project is aiming to collaborate with, among others, ICOM-CIMCIM, the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS) and the EU-funded COST Action Wood Musick. Containing Best Practice recommendations, the project will supplement the digitalisation standard, which was also drawn up in the GNM as part of the MIMO EU project.

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Standard for art-technology 3D computed tomography


Dr. Frank P. Bär (Head of the Project)
Dipl.-Rest. Sebastian Kirsch M.A. (Project-Coordination)
Dipl.-Rest. Markus Raquet (Art Technologist)  
Dipl.-Rest. FH Meike Wolters-Rosbach (Art Technologist)
Dr. Markus Zepf (Project-Coordination Nov 2014 - May 2015)

Scientific Infrastructure

Institute for Art Technology and Conservation, Oliver Mack (Head of the Institute)


Fraunhofer-Institut Integrierte Schaltungen (IIS) Entwicklungszentrum Röntgentechnik (EZRT)
Dr. rer. biol. hum. Dipl. Phys. Theobald Fuchs
Dipl. Ing. Christian Kretzer
Dipl. Ing. Gabriele Scholz
Dr. rer. nat. Rebecca Wagner


Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Ethnologisches Museum
Museum of musical instruments of the university of Leipzig

Cooperating Partners

Musée des instruments de musique / Muziekinstrumentenmuseum, Brüssel    
University of Edinburgh
Philharmonie de Paris

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