Archaeological research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire to 1852

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Deutsches Kunstarchiv (German Art Archive)

Central database bequests

All documents/papers of natural persons are searchable with brief descriptions of content, volume, lifespan and condition of itemisation in the Deutsches Kunstarchiv via the “Zentrale Datenbank Nachlässe“ (ZDN; central database for bequests) of the Bundesarchiv (Federal Archive) Koblenz.

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Galerie Heinemann online 

The database facilitates searches on the art trade of the Munich Gallery Heinemann (1872-1939), with emphasis on the period 1890 to 1939. It makes accessible information on approximately 43,500 paintings from all periods, as well as approximately 13,000 persons or institutions connected to their acquisition or sale.

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The faces of the Deutsches Kunstarchiv

In 12 chapters, the virtual exhibition features 460 digital exhibits based on photographs from the Deutsches Kunstarchiv. They include not only portraits but also situational pictures bequeathed to the Deutsches Kunstarchiv by around 250 people. The timeframe ranges from ca. 1870 to the 1990s.

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Department of Prints and Drawings

Image Index for Art and Architecture of the “Bildarchiv Foto Marburg“

Recorded holdings: drawings up to 1550 (status: catalogue Zink, 1968); 18th-century drawings (status: catalogue Heffels, 1969); The “Historical Leaves“ of the Department of Prints and Drawings; The printed portraits 1500 to 1618; Political allegories and satires; Figurines of the Viennese theatres by Franz Gaul (1837-1906).

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Historical Archive

Central database bequests

All bequests in the Historical Art Archive are searchable with some detailed content via the “Zentrale Datenbank Nachlässe“ (central database for bequests) of the Bundesarchiv (Federal Archive) Koblenz.

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Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin/Handschriftenabteilung (State Library of Prussian Cultural Heritage/Department of Manuscripts)

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Bequest of the correspondence Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Rück

1,022 letters from the years 1924 to 1962 between Rück and institutions and persons in musicology and the study of musical instruments, restorers, collectors a.o.

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Painting till 1800 and Glass Painting

Portal Dürer research at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum

The results of the research project “The early Dürer“. Historiographic models for a new understanding of Albrecht Dürer’s early work (2209-2012) at hand of the most important project materials.

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Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Museums Online MIMO

Ca. 3,000 instruments of the collection with description, image, sound sample, short film.

MIMO Project
MIMO Project at the GNM
Europeana Project


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