The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg has towered above the city’s historic center since the 11th or 12th century. In the so called “Kemenate” an exhibition of historical objects from the Germanisches Nationalmuseum features weapons and historic suits of armor,original finds, architectural fragments and models that illustrate the eventful history of the extensive castle complex.

The permanent exhibition in the castle was redesigned by the Bavarian Palace Department together with the Nuremberg museums in 2013. The new concept shows explanations of the elements and function of the castle and presents information about the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the role of Nuremberg in the late Middle Ages.

These rooms of the permanent exhibition lead directly to the “Kemenate”, where original and historical objects focus on the castle’s role in wartime and in peace, as well as its diverse relationship with the commercial hub of Nuremberg. The Imperial Castle was of prime importance to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and its rulers. On their travels throughout the empire, kings and emperors visited Nuremberg more often than almost any other castle. For this reason, one section of the exhibition is dedicated to travelling and horseback riding in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era.

Warfare in this period, in which castles played a pivotal role, is another focus of the exhibition. A large selection of historic and original weapons and armor is displayed and outlines the continued development of military equipmentfrom the 16th to the 19th century. On the other hand, the peacetime use of the castle complex, which was controlled by the free imperial city from the 15th century onward, is also illustrated: citizens practiced with their weapons in the moats, while the bastions were used for setting off fireworks – and were also the location of a famous observatory.

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7,- € Regular incl. Imperial Castle/Tiefer Brunnen/Sinwellturm
6,- € Reduced for disabled, closed groups (15 persons minimum) and persons over 65.
free admission School children and young adults under 18

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